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A NEW APPROACH TO MENTAL HEALTH - How To Implement 'Maslow's Plan For Mental Health' - Ideal for anyone involved in child care, has a parenting role or has a family member that they are concerned about.


Traditional community mental health initiatives focus on managing mental illnesses after the symptoms become apparent. Whilst billions of dollars are poured into these programs every year, the mental health and well-being of the global community is continually getting worse and those diagnosed are getting younger every year. Almost one in seven (13.9%) 4-17 year-olds were assessed as having mental disorders in the previous 12 months.


Learn how educators and parents can build mental and emotional resilience into a child's life with simple strategies around healthy food, drink choices, good sleep routines and relationship building.


Small changes to hydration, nutrition, sleep habits and sugar consumption can radically improve brain health and improve moods and behaviour. Ensuring that the foundational 'Maslow's Basement' needs are met will build both mental and emotional resilience and boost the immune system.


These foundational strategies build resilience for the stresses of teenage years and into adulthood.


Session Topics


Understanding Mental Health

Body, Mind And Spirit

Maslow’s Order Of Basic Needs

The Body

The Human Brain

Water Sustains Life

Fuel Quality Impacts Performance

Sleep Is Brain Maintenance

Physiological Performance Dashboard

Safety And Security

The Mind

Feeling Safe In A Tribe

Connecting Body, Mind And Spirit


The Still Face Experiment

Reactions To Trauma

Connection - Feeling Accepted


Using The How Are You Going? Card



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