How To Respond When People Tell You Their Problems


Most people experiencing stress, emotional problems or family issues, do not seek professional help, they talk to a trusted friend, workmate, teacher or hairdresser.


"If you are constantly listening to peoples problems, you can suffer from vicarious traumatic stress"


Trained therapists know how to listen and respond in a way that reduces their risk of becoming emotionally engaged and negatively affected by clients issues.


The RAVE counselling video provides the basic listening skills training that telephone counselors receive, before they start listening to people's problems.


Knowing how to listen and respond to someone experiencing an emotional crisis, domestic abuse or suicidal thoughts can be lifesaving and at the same time personally rewarding.


Community counselling is not therapy. It is intended to reach the people who would not seek professional help until the issue becomes a major mental health, domestic abuse or potential suicide situation.



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We are training and supporting people who wish to be 'Early Responders' in their community.

The problem is that most people don't seek professional help until it's too late.


"Be A Part Of The Solution"


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Annie & Trevor Boulton (Founders of The Brain Health Education Institute)

For 20 years, Annie owned and operated hair salons in city, suburban and regional areas, so is able to appreciate the value that salon staff (and other frontline workers, e.g. hospitality staff, Uber drivers etc.) provide to their communities and the personal costs involved.


Trevor and Annie combined the insights gained from their own lived experiences and years of research, to produce unique, Psychologist endorsed, non-clinical, no jargon resources and training


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