Fun Interactive Information And Training Sessions

'How To Stay Sane In A Crazy World'


Presented Live by the Founders of The Brain Health Education Institute

LIVE EVENTS for SCHOOLS - Year 12 Students

Arts Council Approved - 70 Minutes


Interactive Multimedia Presentation + Personal Stories 


Let's Stop Picking Up The Pieces At The Bottom Of The Cliff And Start Implementing Ways To Stop People Falling


Developed by The Brain Health Education Institute after more than half a century of personal experiences, teaching, research and observation, these talks expound  'Maslow's 5 Step Mental Health Model'. With a focus on practical ways to develop and maintain Mental Health holistically, the events explain the relationship between the needs of our physical body, how disconnection and trauma influences our thinking, and the role of relationships and purpose in mental and emotional well-being.


Session Topics

Understanding Mental Health

Body, Mind And Spirit

Maslow’s Order Of Basic Needs

The Body

The Human Brain

Water Sustains Life

Fuel Quality Impacts Performance

Sleep Is Brain Maintenance

Physiological Performance Dashboard

Safety And Security

The Mind

Feeling Safe In A Tribe

Connecting Body, Mind And Spirit


The Still Face Experiment

Reactions To Trauma

Who Have I Become?

Shame Is The Engine

Underlying Shame Dashboard

Facing The Pain Brings New Life

Connection - Sense Of Belonging

Spirit And Purpose

Planning Your journey

Fit For Purpose

Unique Gifts And Purpose

Purpose And Self Esteem

Not Built To Travel Alone

Actualization = Optimum Mental Health

Disaster Recovery

Training Certificate Course

The How Are You Going Card?

General Discussion


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