For The Homeless


People living rough need a place to store their clothing and bedding, so they can sleep in peace and attend job interviews without having to take all of their gear with them.

  Street Lockers can prevent theft and provide a measure of mental and emotional security for the homeless.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide a source of well built, weatherproof lockers at a wholesale price to hosting organizations who are supporting the needs of the homeless.

Locker funding is achieved by engaging local supporters of the hosting organization as sponsors.

Free street lockers will greatly assist the homeless by reducing their mental and emotional stresses and allowing them to sleep without the fear of having all of their possessions stolen.

Being homeless is not a life sentence and with some initial support and assistance people usually integrate back into the community quite quickly.

The Weatherproof Outdoor Lockers

The Steelco PVC Two Tier Full Height Lockers (1940H x 380W x 500D mm) are both sturdy and strong, tested to withstand a 1000 kg force. A key lock ensures the security of personal belongings.

Each double locker can function as a stand alone unit or can be easily banked together as a bay of units.

Doors are double frame reinforced for increased strength and durability

Durable 4.5mm thick HDPE locker body. Doors 4mm.

Water resistant, UV proof, and Vandal proof

Low maintenance and easy to clean

Eco friendly/recyclable materials

Tested to withstand more than a 1000kg force to the entire locker system

Modular system, allowing different configurations to be built to suit

Name plate insert is available to provide quick and efficient identification

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How You Can Help

Do you know of a service currently helping to meet the needs of the homeless?

Let them know that we would like to talk with them about getting some lockers for their clients, without any cost to their service.

If they will host and manage the lockers, we will work with them to find local businesses, service clubs or individuals to fully sponsor the purchase and installation.

At the discretion of the hosting organization, supporters may want to contribute toiletries, Easter eggs, a Christmas cake or food donations to be placed anonymously in their sponsored lockers.

Street Lockers For The Homeless

Is an initiative of The Brain Health Education Institute

More Info - Call Trevor Boulton

0417 90 6000