2. Body, Mind & Spirit


BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT - Becomes car, driver and journey


BODY - A car body may be well polished and look fantastic but without a driver and a purpose for use, it might be simply an ornament. Our body is the vehicle we inhabit. We must care for our body, as well as our brain which manages everything our body does. BODY begins with an overview of the role and function of our physical brain, what our brain needs in order to function correctly, how to maintain its basic chemistry, and how to know when these needs are not being met.


MIND - Our brain is a physical organ, yet it also houses our mind -  where we learn, think, imagine and feel. Our mind is like the driver of a vehicle. We can educate our mind to determine our course in life. Often life happens around us, but rather than letting it happen by chance or through circumstances, we can take responsibility for our choices.  MIND explains our in-built, caveman-like responses to stress and the responses we learn in childhood to relieve that stress or shame; as well as how we carry those same responses into adulthood and how they become the ways we can cope with and deal with our shame.


SPIRIT - Purpose is compared to the journey a driver takes in a vehicle. SPIRIT looks at our purpose and meaning in life, as well as their roles in providing fulfillment and happiness and how to deal with the thinking that can keep us from finding that purpose and ultimate fulfillment.


"Another body, mind and spirit analogy could be a smartphone. The physical body could be Samsung, mind (operating system) could be Android and the spirit (purpose) could be Facebook or YouTube"

Food For Thought


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