23. Planning Your Journey


Purpose - Having a great vehicle and a great driver is pointless unless you are going somewhere.


Most people only move from one situation to another when they are forced to move by some pressure or force of circumstance. If I have an accurate map which will enable me to navigate across a strange city and I don't read it, I am unlikely to reach my desired destination. I must locate my present position and my desired destination to be able to navigate.


As we care for ourselves, come to know who we are and become aware of where we are in our relationships; we can take our first steps toward making choices that will enrich our own lives. This will assist us to move toward our purpose which will provide fulfillment and happiness. Only when we know our present position, can we navigate toward a goal.


When we know who we are and where we are, we can cease to be driven by impersonal forces in the world around us. We can begin to plan and take control of our journey through life. When we know who we are and where we are, we can understand a little of our present behaviour and make decisions about the kind of future we want to aim for. If our future is different to our present lifestyle, we can choose to make changes to achieve our goals.


Always remember: we were each born for a reason, a purpose, for something bigger than just ourselves. We have to 'drive'; no one else is going to do it for us. It is our own personal responsibility to develop and build ourselves into the person we want to be and to live the kind of life we want to live.


"The purpose we define for ourselves does not need to be set in concrete. As we move toward our goals, we find new options that we did not know existed until we actually started the journey. As they say, you cannot steer a ship until it leaves the dock."

Food For Thought


What new knowledge did you gain from this lesson?


Now that you know this, how could it be applied?