The Body


A Ferrari and a Human Body are both Amazing Machines

A vehicle is an amazing piece of engineering, both body and engine. Finely tuned, it can perform well. However, the human body is of THE most amazing design, balance and it is surprisingly resilient and flexible. Each cell comprises mainly water and functions harmoniously with all the others. The human bodily organs function in perfect harmony, seemingly automatically.  We continuously breathe to oxygenate our entire body. Our heart beats rhythmically pumping our life's blood around our body. We eat, drink and make waste. We perspire to cool our body and have goosebumps when we feel cold. Our muscles and skeleton hold our body together and upright. Our chemistry and immune system keep us well and functioning.


"I am totally amazed at the complexity and design of our human body. But the most amazing thing is that all of the genetic information and blueprints for all of our body construction, body chemistry and brain design function is encoded in the first (single) cell of what divides and divides to becomes a human embryo"



Food For Thought


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