Listening To Teenagers


"Teenagers today are trying to cope with unprecedented amounts of stress - and too many are falling by the wayside"


Parents and caregivers, (having lived through vastly different times) often feel inadequate to provide the appropriate mental and emotional support for today's youth.


The basic training skills of Telephone Counselors are now being offered free of charge to the wider community in an effort to provide early intervention training.


These simple skills can help parents develop their 'listening skills' and provide emotional reassurance - without the need to give advice or 'fix things'. Then if necessary, know how to connect them with appropriate trained professionals.


In just 10 minutes 'The How to Listen Like a Telephone Counsellor' video covers the basic training that telephone counsellors receive - before they start listening to people's problems. It is not therapy It is intended to reach the people who would not seek professional help until it becomes a mental health issue or potential suicide.

Watch the video a few times, remember the steps, practice with a friend and start using these simple skills in your everyday conversations


Knowing how to listen and respond to someone experiencing an emotional crisis, abuse or suicidal thoughts can be lifesaving and at the same time personally rewarding.


"Many teenagers have told us that just one conversation with a psychologist was all it took to sort out their thinking and stabilize their moods"


If you are seriously concerned that someone is considering ending their life, ask them if it would be OK if you had someone call them to see if there is anything they can do to help them work through their problems.


If they agree, call 1800 008 255 give them the details and they will contact that person. Or you can lodge a call-back request on their website.



Telephone Support Services


Lifeline Australia - Crisis Support

Call - 13 11 14



Carer Gateway Australia - For Anyone Who Is A Carer

Call - 1800 422 737


Kids Help Line - Any Time. Any Reason

Call - 1800 55 1800

Ages 5 to 25 + Parents and Carers




Simon Sinek is the author of multiple best selling books including Start With Why, Leaders Eat Last, Together is Better, and The Infinite Game.




Trevor and Annie produced the world acclaimed 'Toxic Thinking' Apps, mental health education programs, books and online training, they have combined the knowledge gained from their own lived experiences and years of research, to produce unique, Psychologist endorsed, non-clinical, no jargon, life-skills mental health education resources and training


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