26. Self Esteem


Finding a purpose greater than ourselves


As we become aware, learn about ourselves, and care for ourselves and others, we find self worth. We find we are not only able to do good, we want to do good; we want to give and to be kind to those around us.


We may also find purpose and fulfillment in planning and achieving something that is important to us. If we feel too pressured to have a goal or a plan for our own future, we may be better suited to joining in with another person's vision or purpose. There are many organisations who need volunteers to provide a variety of services to our communities and beyond.


Another purpose could be in the way we decide to rear our children and the way we treat our friends and peers. Intentional random acts of kindness may be our purpose. We are wired to need each other. We thrive on the feedback that we receive when we do something beneficial to another, especially when there is no return. This kind act releases our positive brain chemical: serotonin.


Looking for ways to be grateful everyday and ways to share our gratitude will beneficially change who we are and how we view life.


"One Christmas, we volunteered to peel vegetables for a drug rehabilitation centre that processed vegetables to raise funds for their work. This mundane chore, which is hard work when done for hours, gave us an opportunity to work alongside others, to encourage them and to help keep the facility open. The task was tedious but the feeling we had at the end of each day was extremely satisfying. If you check the section on brain chemistry, you will see why."

Food For Thought


What new knowledge did you gain from this lesson?


Now that you know this, how could it be applied?