27. Travelling Alone




Life is meant to be shared. This is why helping others is so important to us. The one thing we all have in common is the need for human interaction, not in a superficial 'social media' way, but in a genuine, heart-to-heart, authentic way. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are all great ways of 'sharing' important life events. However, status updates and clever posts are by no means a substitute for real interaction and intimacy. Authentic relationships also boost our happy brain chemical: serotonin.


Real relationships and intimacy require us to share our deepest feelings, hurts, failures, doubts and fears, as well as acknowledging our weaknesses. It means trusting others enough to take off the mask; to be real and ask for help when needed.


True authenticity requires courage and humility. It is risky, but we only grow by taking risks. In strong, solid relationships we experience mutuality: the art of giving and receiving. It is depending on each other, building reciprocal relationships, sharing responsibilities and helping each other.


Whether it is with a significant other, or with friends, family members or co-workers, invest time in building significant, authentic and intimate relationships into our lives. ​Have you ever had an experience that took your breath away and looked around for someone to share it with? Life is meant to be shared. We are born that way. It's in our DNA. It's how we get through life. It's like having a mechanic sitting next to you as you get off the beaten track.


"For the first half of my life I was a loner. It was not until I met Annie that, with her understanding and support, I was eventually able to have a truly transparent relationship. It is amazingly peaceful to live with someone when you don't have the fear of exposure hanging over you."

Food For Thought


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