Brain Health 101 is a selection of free resources made available by The Brain Health Education Institute to families accessing Early Childhood Care and Education.

We, at the Institute, believe parents can build mental and emotional resilience into a child's life with simple strategies around healthy food and drink choices, and establishing healthful sleep routines.

Small changes to our hydration, nutrition, sleep habits and sugar consumption can radically improve our brain health improving mood and behaviour. Ensuring that the Maslow's Basement needs are met builds both resilience and immunity.

These same foundational strategies will build resilience through the stresses of teenage years and into adulthood.

We believe that early education around building resilience and giving people the skills to manage children's mental health will reduce the incidences of teenage self harm, combat many social dysfunctions and addictive behaviours and improve community health.

Trevor & Annie Boulton - Directors of The Brain Health Education Institute

Focusing our efforts on the basic (101) needs of children in the early years, supports brain development, health and helps build the foundational resilience required to withstand life's challenges and traumas.
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